Dublin is the best place to go if you’re in the mood for an exciting night out. There’s so many interesting venues that are hosting everything from live music to literature, so whatever you’re into, there’s going to be something for you. Those who play in Dublin venues say there’s something there that they don’t get anywhere else, so you know it’s something special. Here are some of the best entertainment venues in Dublin, Ireland, that you should visit.

The Olympia

The Olympia was built in 1879, and was originally named Dan Lowery’s Star Or Erin Music Hall. Ever since then, despite a few name changes and a conversion from music hall to theatre in 1897, it’s almost gone untouched. As such, it’s a real piece of history right there in Dublin.

There are 1,200 seats available, and while it’s not the biggest theatre in Dublin, you’ll see that there are no bad views. You can pick from ground floor stalls, or one of the two upper tiers. The experience here is like nothing else, and you’re bound to see someone exciting playing here. Think Adele or REM, two acts that have played The Olympia fairly recently.

The Workman’s Club

This venue, located in the quays in the heart of Temple Bar, is host to all kinds of events and shows. It was opened as The City Of Dublin’s Working Men’s Club in 1888, and provided entertainment to the tradesmen that all worked in Dublin city centre. It closed in 2003, but opened back up in 2010 as a venue open to everyone.

Here, you’ll see all kinds of acts, all within the indie sphere. That includes music, comedy, spoken word, club nights, and more. They have a 300 capacity venue as their main room, with two separate bars and a terrace too. There’s also a Wow Burger outlet here, so you can grab a bite to eat when you visit too.

The Auld Dubliner

If you want to visit a real, traditional Dublin pub, the The Auld Dubliner is where you want to go. It’s an authentic gem in the heart of Temple Bar, and if you’re on holiday looking for a fun pub to visit, you’ll want to check it out. The locals do have a habit of referring to it as The Auld Foreigner, but don’t let that put you off.

The atmosphere here is genuine, and you’re bound to have a great time. There’s live music happening here pretty much all the time, so if you want to enjoy what’s on offer, pop in and see what’s happening.

The Cobblestone

This is another traditional Dublin that has stood the test of time, even as other bars around it have modernized. Wander in and you’ll see tons of beer taps offering beverages you haven’t tried before. Don’t worry though, of course there’s Guinness on tap too.

Here, you’re going to hear the best traditional music around. The music is on seven nights a week, so no matter when you come by you’ll hear something great. The music is often in the form of seisuns, a form of informal play where musicians get together and play in the bar. If you want to get involved but don’t feel confident in your skills, you can go to the Wednesday Balaclava sessions to learn more.

Sporting Emporium

Based on Dublin 2, the Sporting Emporium is probably Dublin’s most well known casino and based in one of Dublin’s busiest areas for nightlife, it is in the perfect location too. Entering the Emporium you’ll find all the games and slots you’d expect to find at an online slots casino, but you get to try them in person!

O’Donoghue’s Pub

Here’s another excellent venue if you want to hear traditional music. Here, you’ll see sessions starting every night, so you can come by to see the show start at 9pm. There’s nothing else quite like it, so you’ll want to come by and see what’s happening.

The pub has a special place in Dublin music history, as it’s the birthplace of both The Dubliners and The Chieftains. Fans of both bands will want to make sure they come by and check them out.


You’ll often hear this bar referred to as the CGBG’s of Ireland, but that isn’t quite the case. Rather than showcasing the very best of punk, instead they’re the home of the singer-songwriter. Ireland is famous for bringing some of the best songwriters to the music scene, so if you want to see who’s up and coming, make sure you visit Whelan’s.

The venue is quite small, only being able to fit 450 people inside. However, it’s more than enough when you’re visiting to see that artist that you thought only you knew. As such, it’s perfect for all up and coming artists and their diehard fans.


3Arena is an interesting venue. Starting life as a railway goods handling station, you’ll now see it’s a large indoor area for some of the biggest bands in the world to perform. The arena holds 23,000 at max capacity, and is the city’s only large arena. Because of that, it’s where you’re going to find the big, worldwide famous acts playing in Dublin.

Many recommend the seats in the central column of the first row, as they say they give you the best view. If you want to get on the floor and get closer to the stage, you’ll need to be 14 or over to enter.

National Concert Hall

Are you looking for the place to go for classical music in Dublin? Then you’ll want to head to the National Concert Hall. This venue is listed as one of Ireland’s National Cultural Institutions, and features a huge organ behind the stage in the main hall. There’s a smaller room called the John Field Room, which holds up to 250 people for smaller recitals.

You’ll catch all kinds of classical and composed contemporary music here, and even some modern day artists perform here too. It’s a gorgeous venue so you’ll want to check it out.